Champions Unleashed

Big Trouble in Little China
Session 5

Prologue: Heroes Reborn

As Vestige and Retribution passed through the Warlock’s portal to return to earth, Vestige handed the ruby, the receptacle for Wraith’s soul, to Wraith. As they entered earth, Wraith’s Astral body disappeared and his soul entered the ruby.

When the heroes emerged from the other side of the portal, Warlock ceased his incantation and the portal closed behind them. The heroes explained what occurred and showed him the amulet that Vestige got from her test at the tower. At his request, Vestige, left it with Warlock for further study.

As they were getting ready to leave, Wraith’s ruby shattered in Retribution’s hands.

“What just happened?” asked Retribution concerned he had done something wrong.

“I don’t know how it happened, " replied Warlock with a confused look, “It’s Wraith. His soul somehow has been called to his body.”

Three weeks later, Vestige and Wraith reunite in Millennium City. Wraith, now calling himself Wrath, has been remade with a new cloned, genetically enhanced body, and was once again on the run from the NSA. Overjoyed at her brother’s return, but still furious over his death at the hands of the Coven, Vestige renames herself Vengeance. Together, they vow to rid Millennium city of crime and to avenge Wraith’s murder.

Scene 1: A Grim Discovery

Vengeance and Wrath were contacted by a new acquaintance, Scourge, a vigilante hero Scourge-Small.jpgpatrolling the streets of Millennium City regarding an early morning discovery in the Cultural Center’s Chinatown of six dead girls chained to the floor inside a parked van.

When the trio arrived at the crime scene, the MCPD’s investigating team was already hard at work gathering evidence. Vengeance and Wrath recognized Detective Steven Miller working the scene and they approached him. Miller was reluctant to speak to them in the open about an active investigation, but offered to meet them later at a nearby tea shop.

At the tea shop, Miller told the heroes that the six dead girls were of Chinese decent and were chained inside the van to keep them from leaving. The preliminary cause of death appears to be heat stroke. The police have a person of interest, a chinese local man, Huang Mao Chin, who collapsed at the Mai Lai Wah bakery yesterday morning of an apparent heart attack. He was checked into Mercy Hospital and released early this morning after an overnight observation. There was an APB (All-points Bulletin) out for Chin, but the police had no leads to where he was so far. A uniformed officer was dispatched to Chin’s known residence, but Chin was missing and a search warrant was in the process of being executed. As far as the van, the plates were fake and the VIN number had been removed. The detective thought that these girls were part of a recent rise in the slave sex trade in the city lead by the Tong—the chinese organized crime organization. His gut tells him that Chin was a driver for the Tong, likely left the girls in the parked van, walked to the bakery where he collapsed and was taken to the hospital. The girls got cooked inside the van in the hot afternoon sun and died. Miller would be grateful for any help the heroes could provide in locating Chin and solving the crime.

The heroes confront Mai Lai Wah, the old chinese feisty owner of the bakery, and asked her about Chin and yesterday’s incident. At first, Lai Wah was reluctant to speak to the heroes, but inadvertently disclosed that some toughs were also looking for Chin. After a stern warning from Wrath to cooperate, the woman was cowed into telling him that she told the the toughs to talk to Wu Chunhua, Chin’s girlfriend and owner of a competing bakery, Xinyuan Bakery about six blocks from her place.

Scene 2: An Unexpected Party

The heroes surveyed the property from an alleyway, and overheard a heated argument in chinese between a man and a woman. They confront the woman who tells them she was upset because a man prevented her from entering the bakery. The heroes confronted the young man, a rough looking tattooed man, blocking the street entrance to the Xinyuan bakery. Scourge and the man engaged in a fight, and another tattooed tough came to the man’s aid, ignoring Wrath who blended in with the civilian’s on the sidewalk. Wrath comes to Scourges’ defense and with a fierce strike at the second man’s back, knocked him prone in front of Scourge. Vengeance took a peek from inside Wrath’s backpack and noticed three other similarly garbed men inside the bakery. She took off from the backpack used her telekinetic power to swing open the door and menacingly floated inside the restaurant while Scourge dispatched the other two men outside. The three men inside hesitated, awed by Vengeance’s display of telekinesis and Scourge’s mastery over the other thugs. Vengeance took the opportunity and flew into the kitchen were she heard a woman cry out in pain.

A movie-like martial arts fight broke out between Wrath and the three thugs inside the bakery pinning the thug’s Kung Fu versus Wrath’s USMC self-defense training. Scourge left Wrath to take care of the thugs and moved to follow Vengeance into the kitchen. Before he could arrive however, Vengeance walked into a crowded kitchen and saw two men restraining an attractive plump chinese woman while a third man beat her. The man beating the woman, roundhouse kicked Vengeance nearly stunning her, while two more men entered through the back door to surround her. Using her telekinetic force, Vengeance bitch-slapped the men into submission before they could react.

In the main customer area, Wrath was beating two of the thugs into a bloody mess. The third man, spooked by Wrath’s savage speed and superior combat skill, drew his MAC-10 and sprayed Wrath with a hail of gunfire. Wrath managed to dodge most of the barrage but got nicked in the arm. Unhappy with the thug’s change of tactic, Wrath jumps at the man who fired at him, materialized his telekinetic knife and drove it into the man’s throat, who collapsed unconscious and dying from the wound.

Hearing gunfire, the thugs holding the woman in the kitchen also drew their weapons just as Scourge entered the kitchen. Before the men could utter a word of warning, Scourge let his H&K G3 do his talking, and turned the men into hamburger meat with fiery prejudice.

Grateful to the heroes for saving her life, Chunhua agreed to take them to her sister’s apartment in the Northside where Chin was hiding…

To Free a Soul
Session 4

Scene 3: The Great Foyer

The trio—Vestige, Retribution and Adriel, entered the obsidian tower to a large circular room with four large doors. One on the western wall, two on the northern wall, and one on the eastern wall. Each of the doors was made of obsidian and had a dial with four symbols edged on them. Each door also had a word written above them from west to east, the words were: Indifference, Stuffiness, Dishonesty and Hate.

Vestige remembered from her basic chemistry class in college that the symbols on the dials reminded her of the Greek elemental symbols and believed she could figure which was which. The three heroes discussed the potential relationship between the words edged above the doors and the elemental symbols. They reasoned that the words appeared to be negative traits that likely matched with the elements in some way. The group set the dials on the doors to match the words: Indifference-Water, Stuffiness-Earth, Dishonesty-Air, Fire-Hate.

Scene 4: The Main Hall

As the last dial was set they disappeared and the trio was teleported to another large circular room with a very tall ceiling. A 10m tall statue of a succubus holding two lighted spheres lent light to most of the room. In front of the statue was a large cauldron with burning embers, with six unlit torches beside it. To the north and south side of the room, two kneeling statues held a large bowl as an offering to the demon statue.

Before the heroes could react, five large bats flew toward them from atop the statue, each Astral_Vampire_Bat.jpgengulfed in a globe of darkness. The creatures surrounded Retribution. Two of the creatures attached themselves to him draining his mental defenses while others attempted to use their psychic screams to stun their prey. Adriel and Vestige rushed to attack and soon the Astral Vampiric Bats where dispatched. As they died however, the bats turned to a yellowish powder that Vestige surmised was sulfur. The heroes placed the yellow powder on each of the bowls held by the kneeling statues and using the torches lying next to the smoldering cauldron, lit the material on fire. The powder quickly caught fire, and as it did, a 5m tall golden mirror appeared in the center of the room. Instead of reflecting anything in front of it, however, the mirror held a dark, impenetrable mist. Without hesitation, the heroes walked into the mirror…

Scene 5: The Hall of Mirrors

Vestige appeared in a large circular room whose boundaries were defined by 24 large mirrors exactly as the one she entered in the Main Hall. The room was lit by softly glowing glyphs on the floor. Her companions were gone.

Vestige studied the mirrors and noticed that each image she examined was a reflection of herself, but somehow flawed from her own true reflection. As she concentrated on one image she was able to determine that all the images were rotating in a specific pattern around the room. She carefully studied each of the images until finally finding one that was a true reflection of her. She stepped through the mirror and appeared, along with her companions, in another large room. Unlike the others, this room was dark. The walls could not be discerned, only a large obsidian door was lit by two large torches toward the east.

Scene 6: The Magic Door

As the heroes approached the door they were greeted by a gargoyle shaped door handle. The door handle refused to open the door as it was its function to keep it closed. The gargoyle would not answer any questions, but did engage in a philosophical discussion about one’s purpose in life. Vestige was able to convince the gargoyle that getting through the door to get to Blackheart was her purpose and seeing the logic behind the need for everyone to fulfill their purpose in life, just as it was the gargoyle’s purpose to hold the door close, the handle agreed to tell them how to get through to the other side if they answered a riddle. The riddle went as follows:

My first is in vitality, but not in ability.
My second is in idealist, but not in stomodeal.
My third is in respect, but not in unsuspected.
My fourth is in trust, but not in brusqueness.
My fifth is in unity, but not admonitions.
My sixth is in empathy, but not in myopathy.
My seventh is in sacrifice, but not in artificer.
My whole word reveals sound caliber.

After some deliberation, Vestige figured out that the answer was the word “Virtues”. Satisfied with her answer, the door offered to shrink the heroes small enough to fit under the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. Once through, the heroes would revert back to normal.

Scene 7: Redemption?

The heroes passed through the door’s gap and reverted back to their normal size on the other side. They emerged in a large forested area and saw two gigantic winged dog-like figures guarding a crucified red skinned figure. The dog-like creatures sensed the heroes entrance and moved in for the kill.

Despite their large size, the heroes quickly mopped them up without taking much damage and approached the crucified figure. Adriel recognized the figure as the demon Gadreel and claimed he was one of the original five fallen angels. This one particularly infamous as the demon who tempted Eve in the Garden. For his part, Gadreel, did not deny his past but claimed that he had repented for his sins and only wished the Lord’s forgiveness so that he could rejoin his brothers in Heaven. Adriel would have none of it, and implored the other heroes to let him kill the beast. The heroes debated whether to let the demon down from the cross, but in the end decided that this must be some sort of trick as none believed that a demon was capable of contrition. Trusting Adriel’s judgment, Retribution and Vestige agreed to let Adriel deal with the creature as he saw fit.

As the creature died on Adriel’s spear, the heroes were once again teleported to face their next trial.

Scene 8: Parallel Universe

Vestige was once again Jessica Payne. She worked frantically on her keyboard trying desperately to secure her life’s work as machine gun fire echoed outside the sealed doors to her lab—men screamed and died just as quickly. Her brother Jason, strapped to a cacophony of wires and sensors, laid just feet away from her; sedated and defenseless. Too late…

Four loud but compressed explosions in quick succession knocked the hinges off the sealed doors and they came crashing down loudly. Jessica did not heed the group of armed uniform men running inside her lab. Every last second counted. Suddenly she was brusquely grabbed and held by two men. She struggled, but their grip was too strong.

“Please do not resist, Dr. Payne,” came a heavily accented voice. A round , black suited man, with the chinese secret police insignia on his lapel walked slowly into the room, careful not to get dirt on his shoes. “We do not wish to hurt you or your brother. We simply want the access code to your research.”

“I bet you do,” Payne replied, “that’s not going to happen! I’ll die first.”

“It’s a pity,” the chinese secret police officer said with a grimace and walked to stand next to Jason Payne. He withdrew a pistol from his holster inside his jacket and placed it on the sedated man’s temple. “It’s truly a pity that you would be so carefree with your life with such a priceless mind. But tell me Dr. Payne, are you so careless with your brother’s?”

“You son of a bitch! Leave him alone!”

“This can only end two ways, Dr. Payne. Give me the codes and you chose your best option.”

Suddenly, Jessica sees two possible futures in her mind. If she gives the Chinese the key to her research they will use her technology to wage a terrible war of conquest against the west. Millions of lives will be lost and the Chinese will bring the world to their knees. She and her brother will survive the war but live the rest of their lives under surveillance. In the other vision, she lets her brother die, and she is incarcerated in a brutal secret police prison. The Chinese still launch a terrible war against the west, but only manage to break her security codes late in the war—too late to prevent their defeat at the hands of a world coalition. She sees herself survive the war, but her mind is broken and her body scarred. Without a doubt she knows either of these futures will come to past based on her decision, but there was really no choice in the matter.

“Go ahead, you bastard,” Jessica spat each word slowly through clenched teeth; tears swelling and rolling down her face.

The Chinese secret police officer’s eyes hardened and his body stiffened. “Very well, but you are pulling this trigger. Remember that while you rot in a death camp!” Jessica prayed that she made the right decision. The gun’s sound pierced her soul, the flash of the gunfire blinding despite her closed eyes.

Dr. Payne was gone in a flash, Vestige once again. The three heroes stood together in the midst of a swirling portal at the center of a brightly lit temple. Vestige held a strange amulet in her hands, an incantation firmly burned on her mind. Confused, Vestige looked are her surroundings and immediately recognized the place. This was were Wraith died.

Scene 9: Rescue

In place where the Coven summoned Beelzebub on earth stood a great pillar of fire apparently being fed by spirit of five figures trapped in iron cages held 5m in the air by large iron chains. As the trio emerged from the portal, a hulking gargoyle confronted them. “You don’t belong here! Leave now!” The heroes refused and two other gargoyles jumped from behind pillars chucking dark energy bombs. A long and savage fight ensued, but the heroes managed to kill the three gargoyles with Retribution taking the brunt of the damage while Adriel and Vestige freed the four Angels and Wraith from the cages.

As all five captives were taken from their cages the pillar of fire vanished leaving behind a 3m Blackheart.jpgtall fiendish creature, Balckheart, crouched where the center of the pillar had raged, seemingly stunned. The heroes wasted no time and one by one the took the five captives, stunned and nearly unconscious.

Vestige and wraith jumped through the portal while Adriel and Retribution pushed the other survivors into the portal. Suddenly, Blackheart, stood up and laughed. Retribution took a step toward the villain, but Adriel held him back with a hand on his shoulder. “No,” he said, his eyes fixed on the gigantic figure, “I’ll hold him back. Take the others.” Retribution began to protests, but Adriel’s resolved expression told him it was no use. “Thank you,” he said and jumped into the portal.

“Adriel!” howled Blackheart and the defiant angel.

“You are not going anywhere, Blackheart.”

Blackheart laughed and a black matter bolt shot from his fist and caught Adriel squarely on the chest. The angel was blown of his feet and landed lifeless ten meters away.

“Insolent insect,” whispered Blackheart smiling and vanished.

To Free a Soul
Session 3

Scene 1: Unexpected News

After the disastrous battle at Ignatius Capello’s (a.k.a. Wizard) mansion, Vestige barely escaped with her life. Alone and stricken by grief over her brother’s death at the hands of the Black Knight and his fiendish Hellhounds, Vestige wondered through Millenium City’s Northside streets and alleyways in a daze. Late that night, she found a discarded box in a dark alley and turned off her systems for a well needed recharge of her internal power source.

Warlock.jpgWhen she activated her systems again, Vestige was in a private library surrounded by tall bookshelves filled with well-worn and apparently ancient leather-bound books. Surprised by the obvious change to her surroundings, she levitated off a plush blue silk pillow and instantly registered the presence of two other people in the room. One she instantly recognized as Retribution, a winged super that helped Wraith rescue her from NSA captivity three years ago. The other man, she’d never met before—an exotic looking, elderly bald gentleman with a goatee dressed in an expensive black sports coat, grey round neck silk tee, perfectly pressed pants, and spotless black handcrafted leather shoes. He wore no jewelry except an ornate platinum ring on his ring finger. His eyes deep but friendly.

Standing by a large lit fireplace, Retribution reassured Vestige that she was among friends and explained that the other man—Robert Destine, a powerful magician known as Warlock, guided him to her in the alley. Three days ago, Destine used his powers to foresee the summoning of the demon Beelzebub by the The Coven and was working with Retribution to locate where the event would take place. Unfortunately, by the time he discovered the hideout’s location, it was too late to stop it. However, Beelzebub’s summoning revealed another problem. The summoning spell sucked Wraith’s spirit into the Astral Plane where he has been captured by a powerful extra planar being named Blackheart and using it to break his magical imprisonment. Destine was adamant that Blackheart cannot be allowed to escape and join forces with Beelzebub as the two have allied in the past.

Warlock proposed a plan to rescue Wraith, and keep Blackheart imprisoned. He explained that he is capable of opening a gate to the Astral Plane near Blackheart’s prison. Once there, the heroes would enter the tower and defeat the trials needed to get to Blackheart. Destine further explained that he could hold the gate open for six hours, so they would have to rescue Wraith within that time. He then handed Retribution a large jewel that along with chanting an incantation would serve as a receptacle for Wraith’s soul to be brought back to our plane of existence. Later, a spell could be used to release Wraith’s soul into another body.

Without hesitation Vestige and Retribution gathered around Warlock as he began the spell that would open the gate to the Astral Plane. Before long a radiant blinding blue-lit portal appeared. The heroes’ astral forms departed from their bodies and walked into the light to the other side.astral.jpg

Scene 2: Welcome to the Astral Plane

The duo stepped through the portal unto a riverbed surrounded by tall trees. Extending to the horizon, a black starry dome hung over everything as if the land were trapped inside a giant opaque mirrored globe. There was no moon or sun to speak off, but the objects themselves exuded a ghostly light of their own—shimmering almost out of existence at the edge of the heroes’ vision.

On the riverbank, Vestige spotted a small dock with a perfectly constructed faering on top—a gargoyle statuette faced into the boat with his arms stretched out as if expecting someone to grasp them. The heroes took a cursory look inside the faering and noticed two oars neatly placed inside. Not far from the opposite bank, stood a 10 meter high wall, surrounding a tall obsidian tower. A 5 meter tall double door faced the river.

This close to the water’s edge, the heroes noted the river’s water sickly in color of as if choked by grass and moss below the surface. The scene was eerily quiet. There was no wind or even a fragrance to the trees. The river sat motionless, dark and oppressive, without a ripple to mar the mirrored surface. Its reflection of the black sky adding to its intimidating presence. Disgusted Retribution turned to Vestige and said, “I don’t much care for the boat or this river, I suggest we fly over as high as we can and avoid it completely.”

The duo flew up as high as they could nearly touching the black dome above, and landed safely on the other side. The flew low to the ground all around the wall for recognizance before heading higher to look beyond the wall. Rather than enter through the south gate, the two flew to the eastern wall and Vestige braved flying directly above the wall to inspect the other side. By the South gate two lanky spotted humanoids barraged a winged crucified figure with insults and poked it with a golden spear. Two other crucified winged humanoids hung lifeless on their cross. One of the lanky figures, noticed Vestige rising over the eastern wall despite her best efforts to minimize her exposure. He pointed the small globed figure to his partner and they both shouted a challenge in an unfamiliar language. Without waiting a further response, Vestige flew down from the wall to tell Retribution what she had seen. They both decided to fly low to the ground again, below the top of the wall, and swing over to the western wall and wait for the two creatures to make their move. After nothing happens for a little while, Vestige braved another look over the wall and saw the two figures standing on the parapet by the south gate. Once again the creatures noticed Vestige over the wall, but before they can react, Vestige sinks below the wall again. This time, the duo decide to use the tower as cover and fly low to the north wall. This time both Vestige and Retribution fly over the wall, using the obsidian tower as cover. They split up, Vestige flew around western side of the tower and Retribution flew around the eastern side.

Adriel.jpgAbout 55 meters away from the South gate, the heroes notice the two figures still on the parapet when suddenly they feel the invading presence of another’s mind attempting to brake through their mental defenses to take control of their bodies. Vestige flew as quickly as she could to get within range of her assailants. She attempted to pry into their minds with mental illusions, but the fiends mental strength repelled the attack. Retribution also flew as fast as possible toward the humanoids, firing psychic rays from his scythe, but they bounced harmlessly from the walls without hitting their targets. Finally, the heroes got within close range of the humanoids. Unrelentingly, the creatures kept on attempting to take over the minds of the heroes, but their will power overcomes the assaults. As Vestige flew close to the crucified figure, the desperate creature begged for help. Vestige in turn, used her mental blast to disable one of her assailants. Retribution in kind uses his scythe to deadly effect on the other.

The battle concluded, the heroes rescued the winged man from the cross. He introduced himself as Adriel, an Angel on a quest to rescue four of his brothers from Blackheart. Retribution uses his Scythe to test Adriel, using his Scythe’s ability to harm only those who have committed murder and other heinous acts. After the two are convinced that Adriel is on the level, the three heroes prepare to enter the obsidian tower and face it’s challenges.

The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye
Session 2

Scene 4: The House on the Hill
Knowing where Taurus was hiding out, the heroes decided to do some research on the address and found out that the house is registered to Ignatius Capelo. Further research into Capelo revealed that Capelo is the CEO of Aerostar Corporation a large Import/Export business in the city with branch locations all over the globe. They also find an article on a socialite magazine with a picture of Capelo being accompanied by a woman, Margaret Milanovic, with an uncanny resemblance to Hellfrost.

Wanting to get more information on the house and its potential security, the heroes decided to find a way to break into the house’s network. Wraith located an activist hacker that called himself Splicer giving a conference about hacking and activism at a computer convention. Using her mental illusions, Vestige appeared to Splicer as Bill Gates and convinced him to help them break into Ignatius home. The three drove to Capelo’s house and parked some distance away while Splicer used his hardware to locate their wi-fi network and break through their firewall. Splicer succeeded in penetrating the network and stealing the schematic of the house as well as their security rotation.

Armed with the stolen information, Wraith and Vestige managed to avoid the security cameras and penetrated the house’s perimeter. In disguise, they approached the robed guards at the front of the house and are allowed in. The heroes made their way to the library where they had observed a secret door behind a bookshelf that led to a lower level catacomb. At the library, while still disguised, they are confronted by Ul’aquin and Taurus, but are let through to the catacomb below.

Scene 5: The Coven
The heroes took the spiral stairs down to the lower level of the house and were confronted by the Black Knight, Hellfrost and a host of the rank and file Coven members, including Content Not Found: dretch-demon and Hellhounds. The Wizard was at the back of the catacomb seemingly performing the ritual from the stolen codex while Montague’s daughter laid unconscious on top of a sinister altar. A battle ensues. Vestige stops Wizard from continuing with the summoning spell, but the heroes are badly outnumbered and out-powered. The Black Knight brings Wraith down with a villainous thrust of his vorpal blade, and his body is ripped to shreds by the hellhounds. Wizard and Hellfrost concentrate of Vestige, but failed to bring her down.

Vestige, nearly surrounded by the numerous host, flew away from the fight. She left the house pursued by Hellfrost, but managed to evade her.

Alone, shocked by her brother’s death and exhausted from the night’s events, Vestige wondered through the dark city alleyways until finally collapsing inside an abandoned cardboard box.

The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye
Session 1

Scene 1: A Night at the Museum
Wraith and Vestige crashed a VIP party to celebrate a new exhibition at the Millennium City Museum of Antiquities when the costumed security guards opened fire indiscriminately at the guest. In the chaos, a group of Dretch Demons materialized out of thin air and began to attack the guest as well.

The heroes quickly dispatched of the villains; saving many lives in the process. Further investigation revealed that the real security guards were murdered and the attack was a diversion for the theft of a museum artifact, The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye.

The museum’s curator, Bernie Kamber, and a reluctant police detective, Steven Miller, engage Vestige and Wraith to help investigate the theft and ask them to speak to a local priest, father Altieri. As a friend of the museum, Father Altieri was allowed access to the codex for study on many occasions.

Scene 2: The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye
Father Altieri, an elder gentleman approaching retirement age, bald with grey hair to the sides, clean-shaven and well kept greeted Wraith and Vestige at his home. The heroes found Father Altieri to be an amateur connoisseur of the occult and kept numerous notes of his studies of the Codex. He was able to decipher a lot of the codex, written in an ancient form of Aramaic.

Altieri tells the heroes that the first half of the book detailed the Order of the Palatine Eye, a secret society that began in the late 6th century A.D. and was dedicated to the study of dark magic, mysticism and the occult. The order’s base of operations was in modern day Turkey, with members spreading throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The rise of Islam in the 7th century brought them in direct conflict with the Muslims and the order appears to have been wiped out by the end of the 7th century. The book also spoke of the order’s goal to summon a powerful entity that would deliver them from the growing threat of Islam and claimed to detail a magic ritual that would summon such a being.

Father Altieri was starting his work to decipher the ancient spell. He discovered that the ritual required the shedding of blood from a human sacrifice using a dagger supposedly made from the claw of the creature to be summoned by the spell—an ancient artifact dating back to the time of Noah, before the flood.

Wraith and Vestige returned to the museum to investigate the dagger. Using the museum’s wi-fi, Wraith searched the internet for information on the dagger and found a magazine article from nearly six years ago of a dagger made from an unidentifiable animal/creature’s claw dating back to biblical times sold at auction by the Lloyd Mercantile and Exchange Company, a prestigious auction house in the city. The dagger sold for a record $12 million to an undisclosed buyer in a hotly contested bid race. While researching the dagger, Wraith received information from detective Miller letting him know that the person responsible for the theft was a criminal, a woman named Hellfrost, tied to a global cult known as The Coven.

The following morning the duo went to Lloyd Mercantile and Exchange and met with Michael Alden, the company’s auction organizer. After some persuasion he told the heroes that he remembered the auction well. It was hotly contested by two bidders who raised the bid to $12 million. The winner of the auction was a well known collector of arcane and occult artifacts, an eccentric billionaire, Frederick Montague IV, and his rival was Ignatius Capelo. With their registered addresses in tow, Wraith contacted Detective Miller to send a police cruiser to the Montague residence while he and Vestige investigated Capelo’s address. The Capelo address was a dead end, however, so the heroes turned to the Montague residence.

Scene 3: Rescue!
As Wraith and Vestige approached the Montague’s mansion, they noticed a police cruiser parked on the driveway with two dead officers inside and then heard screams coming from inside the house. Suddenly they were attacked by men dressed like the “security” guards at the museum attack the previous night. During the quick battle, the heroes noticed a black horse with fire emitting from its feet fly away at a high rate of speed—Its rider, dressed like a medieval knight held a female captive across the saddle. Just as the heroes dispatched of their assailants, two inhuman creatures emerged from the house. One a small winged creature (Ul’aquin) and another a large minotaur beast (Taurus). A fierce battle ensued, ending with Ul’aquin and Taurus fleeing. Vestige decided to follow Taurus from above, while Wraith investigated the house.

Wraith found Frederick Montague badly injured but still conscious inside the house. Frederick told Wraith that the villains stole the dagger and kidnapped his daughter. Meanwhile, Vestige managed to shadow Taurus from above without being noticed to a mansion in the outskirts of the city. After making sure that Taurus remained in the mansion, Vestige returned to the museum to meet up with Wraith.


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