6" sphere drone with a human soul


Alter Ego: Jessica Payne Vestige_Ball.jpg
Hair Color: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
Height: 0.15 m
Weight: 9.00 kg
The drone is a floating, mechanical sphere about 6" in diameter, but Vestige’s default appearance (through her illusion powers) is as her dead body in a ghostly form. When confronting criminals, Vestige usually appears as a gruesome version the criminal’s victim at the time of their death. Vestige can also transform into a small humanoid robot.


Vestige_Humanoid.pngDr. Jessica Payne was a research scientist for a secret branch of U.S. military intelligence. She was the project leader for a black ops research team trying to develop an advanced A.I program that could run drones and other lethal military hardware autonomously. She had her twin brother, Corporal Jason Payne U.S.M.C., recruited as the primary model for the program’s “personality.” During the project’s test phase, the siblings were betrayed by their spouses and best friends who were all secret agents for a sinister cabal hidden within the communist Chinese government. The Payne twins were assassinated in the midst of testing the experimental A.I. program with the most advanced military drone prototype. Jason defended his sister to the death during the assault while connected to the computer servers for the project. Jessica used the time her brother purchased with his blood to connect herself (the ultimate pass-code) to the drone prototype and fully activated the A.I. program. At the exact moment of activation, she was also shot and killed. Dr. Jessica Payne’s personality and “consciousness” was permanently transferred to the drone prototype and the experimental A.I. program was permanently transferred to Jason’s body. With their new powers, Jessica and “Jason” counter-attacked and killed the assassination team. They then erased all of the project’s data from both the computer systems and the minds of their co-workers (via a temporary psionic manifestation). In the weeks that followed, Jessica became the dark superhero “Vestige” and “Jason” became the dark superhero “Wraith.”


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