Everyday guy with a symbiote alien that grants him super abilities


Hair Color: Dirty BlondGarbiel_Knight.jpg
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.94 m
Weight: 90 kg
Gabriel is motivated by a strong sense of justice to those victimized by crime, and a need to not let criminals get away from the law. He is honest and fair, with a strong sense of justice through any means. He is fearless and persistent in pursuit of evil doers, independent, capable and precise. Friendly, confident, and can be charming, but melancholy and reflective when alone.


Knight was a young and eager FBI Agent in search for his next promotion. He had it all—a job he loved, a beautiful wife, a newly born son, and his first house with a white picket fence and all, when he spearheaded an investigation of a Russian mob boss responsible for every crime and vice in the books. Gabriel got his big break and collected evidence that the mobster had ordered the hit of a neighboring crime boss involved in a violent turf war for control of the city’s narcotics trade. The crime lord was booked and had his day in court, only to get off clean after Knight’s witness died under suspicious circumstances. Disgusted with the criminal justice system, Gabriel returned home to find his wife gutted on the kitchen floor, his newborn baby cooked in the oven. Gabriel blamed himself for his family’s death, the death of his witness and the mobster’s escape from justice, but was powerless to do anything about it. He tried to take the law into his own hands, but it was too late, the Russian mob boss had fled the country and no one knew where he was.

Emotionally crippled, devastated by all he had lost, Knight took a long sabbatical to find peace away from all he held dear. He travelled to Tibet in search for answers and solace. Finding he could not escape his guilt or his memories, he enlisted in an expedition to search for what the locals claimed to be a downed aircraft—intending perhaps to die in the mountains. After two days of intense climbing, the expedition was surprised by a freak storm. In the blizzard, and in the haste to find a secure place to set up camp, Gabriel was separated from the rest of the group. Blinded by the snow and suffering from hyperthermia, Knight stumbled on to the wreckage of an extraterrestrial craft. Sprawled on the floor, obviously thrown from the vehicle, was a human-like figure, broken and bleeding, but still alive. Gabriel quickly approached the being with the intent to help. He took off his gloves and went to feel a pulse, assuming with no other option that the alien’s physiology was similar to ours. Suddenly, as his hands made contact with the other’s skin, a silicon, clear substance secreted from the being’s skin. Before Knight could react the silky substance crawled up his arm and engulfed his head, then rushed into his nose, ears and mouth. That’s all he remembered until he woke up in a Tibetan camp. He had been found alone and wondering at the foot of the mountain, though he had no recollection of the event, he had then fallen into a deep sleep for the next three days. Knight, had no memory of the alien craft, or the silicon goop that had made its way into his head. Having had enough of travel, Gabriel headed back home.

A month after the incident in the mountain, Gabriel began to feel a strange presence inside his own head—at first they were emotions, apart from his own, like another consciousness inside him. Over the next three months, Knight sought counseling from an FBI Psychiatrist, and was put under medication, but nothing seemed to work. The emotions became stronger and more distinct from his own, until the organism that had crawled inside his head began to speak. At first, he thought he had gone mad, but the alien soon convinced him otherwise. The being was a symbiotic parasite of extraterrestrial origin that fed on the intense emotions of others through physical contact. To help meet its need, the symbiotic life form granted its host superhuman abilities that would on the one hand allow the host to reap the intense emotions from others, while at the same time providing the psychological needs of the host by allowing him to meet his psychological needs. In Gabriel’s case, his need for revenge and a desire to proof to himself that he could bring justice to those victimized by violence, took the form of Retribution.

Tainted by the stigma of psychological medication and counseling, Gabriel realized that his career with the FBI had hit a ceiling. Over the next several years, he went back to school and earned a law degree, and became an assistant district attorney. As an assistant DA, Gabriel could work hard to ensure that criminals did not evade justice, but those that did, well, they would face Retribution.


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