Champions Unleashed

The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye

Session 2

Scene 4: The House on the Hill
Knowing where Taurus was hiding out, the heroes decided to do some research on the address and found out that the house is registered to Ignatius Capelo. Further research into Capelo revealed that Capelo is the CEO of Aerostar Corporation a large Import/Export business in the city with branch locations all over the globe. They also find an article on a socialite magazine with a picture of Capelo being accompanied by a woman, Margaret Milanovic, with an uncanny resemblance to Hellfrost.

Wanting to get more information on the house and its potential security, the heroes decided to find a way to break into the house’s network. Wraith located an activist hacker that called himself Splicer giving a conference about hacking and activism at a computer convention. Using her mental illusions, Vestige appeared to Splicer as Bill Gates and convinced him to help them break into Ignatius home. The three drove to Capelo’s house and parked some distance away while Splicer used his hardware to locate their wi-fi network and break through their firewall. Splicer succeeded in penetrating the network and stealing the schematic of the house as well as their security rotation.

Armed with the stolen information, Wraith and Vestige managed to avoid the security cameras and penetrated the house’s perimeter. In disguise, they approached the robed guards at the front of the house and are allowed in. The heroes made their way to the library where they had observed a secret door behind a bookshelf that led to a lower level catacomb. At the library, while still disguised, they are confronted by Ul’aquin and Taurus, but are let through to the catacomb below.

Scene 5: The Coven
The heroes took the spiral stairs down to the lower level of the house and were confronted by the Black Knight, Hellfrost and a host of the rank and file Coven members, including Content Not Found: dretch-demon and Hellhounds. The Wizard was at the back of the catacomb seemingly performing the ritual from the stolen codex while Montague’s daughter laid unconscious on top of a sinister altar. A battle ensues. Vestige stops Wizard from continuing with the summoning spell, but the heroes are badly outnumbered and out-powered. The Black Knight brings Wraith down with a villainous thrust of his vorpal blade, and his body is ripped to shreds by the hellhounds. Wizard and Hellfrost concentrate of Vestige, but failed to bring her down.

Vestige, nearly surrounded by the numerous host, flew away from the fight. She left the house pursued by Hellfrost, but managed to evade her.

Alone, shocked by her brother’s death and exhausted from the night’s events, Vestige wondered through the dark city alleyways until finally collapsing inside an abandoned cardboard box.


Dang! When I read ‘…ripped to shreds by hellhounds.’ I thought it was a metaphor for Wraith getting badly beaten! Was he a PC?


Sorry for your loss…

Good adventure! Keep up the good work!



Yeah, he was a PC :( Went a little overboard and outnumbered the party by a lot of CPs. Still getting used to the system and balancing encounters. Yes, real hell hounds. But it has sparked a new adventure thread as Vestige (PC) and Retribution (NPC) are helped by the mysterious Warlock to travel to the Astral Plane to retrieve Wraith’s soul from the clutches of an extra planar being using its energy to break out of his dimensional prison…or at least that is what is appears.

I didn’t intend for the adventures to take on a Supernatural tone. I just meant it as a one shot, but now that a demon prince has been summoned with another trying to break free with the potential to ally with each other, it opens up a world of possibilities with DEMON, the Trismegistus Council, the Coven (my creation) all mixed in with Millenium City square in the middle.


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