Champions Unleashed

Big Trouble in Little China

Session 5

Prologue: Heroes Reborn

As Vestige and Retribution passed through the Warlock’s portal to return to earth, Vestige handed the ruby, the receptacle for Wraith’s soul, to Wraith. As they entered earth, Wraith’s Astral body disappeared and his soul entered the ruby.

When the heroes emerged from the other side of the portal, Warlock ceased his incantation and the portal closed behind them. The heroes explained what occurred and showed him the amulet that Vestige got from her test at the tower. At his request, Vestige, left it with Warlock for further study.

As they were getting ready to leave, Wraith’s ruby shattered in Retribution’s hands.

“What just happened?” asked Retribution concerned he had done something wrong.

“I don’t know how it happened, " replied Warlock with a confused look, “It’s Wraith. His soul somehow has been called to his body.”

Three weeks later, Vestige and Wraith reunite in Millennium City. Wraith, now calling himself Wrath, has been remade with a new cloned, genetically enhanced body, and was once again on the run from the NSA. Overjoyed at her brother’s return, but still furious over his death at the hands of the Coven, Vestige renames herself Vengeance. Together, they vow to rid Millennium city of crime and to avenge Wraith’s murder.

Scene 1: A Grim Discovery

Vengeance and Wrath were contacted by a new acquaintance, Scourge, a vigilante hero Scourge-Small.jpgpatrolling the streets of Millennium City regarding an early morning discovery in the Cultural Center’s Chinatown of six dead girls chained to the floor inside a parked van.

When the trio arrived at the crime scene, the MCPD’s investigating team was already hard at work gathering evidence. Vengeance and Wrath recognized Detective Steven Miller working the scene and they approached him. Miller was reluctant to speak to them in the open about an active investigation, but offered to meet them later at a nearby tea shop.

At the tea shop, Miller told the heroes that the six dead girls were of Chinese decent and were chained inside the van to keep them from leaving. The preliminary cause of death appears to be heat stroke. The police have a person of interest, a chinese local man, Huang Mao Chin, who collapsed at the Mai Lai Wah bakery yesterday morning of an apparent heart attack. He was checked into Mercy Hospital and released early this morning after an overnight observation. There was an APB (All-points Bulletin) out for Chin, but the police had no leads to where he was so far. A uniformed officer was dispatched to Chin’s known residence, but Chin was missing and a search warrant was in the process of being executed. As far as the van, the plates were fake and the VIN number had been removed. The detective thought that these girls were part of a recent rise in the slave sex trade in the city lead by the Tong—the chinese organized crime organization. His gut tells him that Chin was a driver for the Tong, likely left the girls in the parked van, walked to the bakery where he collapsed and was taken to the hospital. The girls got cooked inside the van in the hot afternoon sun and died. Miller would be grateful for any help the heroes could provide in locating Chin and solving the crime.

The heroes confront Mai Lai Wah, the old chinese feisty owner of the bakery, and asked her about Chin and yesterday’s incident. At first, Lai Wah was reluctant to speak to the heroes, but inadvertently disclosed that some toughs were also looking for Chin. After a stern warning from Wrath to cooperate, the woman was cowed into telling him that she told the the toughs to talk to Wu Chunhua, Chin’s girlfriend and owner of a competing bakery, Xinyuan Bakery about six blocks from her place.

Scene 2: An Unexpected Party

The heroes surveyed the property from an alleyway, and overheard a heated argument in chinese between a man and a woman. They confront the woman who tells them she was upset because a man prevented her from entering the bakery. The heroes confronted the young man, a rough looking tattooed man, blocking the street entrance to the Xinyuan bakery. Scourge and the man engaged in a fight, and another tattooed tough came to the man’s aid, ignoring Wrath who blended in with the civilian’s on the sidewalk. Wrath comes to Scourges’ defense and with a fierce strike at the second man’s back, knocked him prone in front of Scourge. Vengeance took a peek from inside Wrath’s backpack and noticed three other similarly garbed men inside the bakery. She took off from the backpack used her telekinetic power to swing open the door and menacingly floated inside the restaurant while Scourge dispatched the other two men outside. The three men inside hesitated, awed by Vengeance’s display of telekinesis and Scourge’s mastery over the other thugs. Vengeance took the opportunity and flew into the kitchen were she heard a woman cry out in pain.

A movie-like martial arts fight broke out between Wrath and the three thugs inside the bakery pinning the thug’s Kung Fu versus Wrath’s USMC self-defense training. Scourge left Wrath to take care of the thugs and moved to follow Vengeance into the kitchen. Before he could arrive however, Vengeance walked into a crowded kitchen and saw two men restraining an attractive plump chinese woman while a third man beat her. The man beating the woman, roundhouse kicked Vengeance nearly stunning her, while two more men entered through the back door to surround her. Using her telekinetic force, Vengeance bitch-slapped the men into submission before they could react.

In the main customer area, Wrath was beating two of the thugs into a bloody mess. The third man, spooked by Wrath’s savage speed and superior combat skill, drew his MAC-10 and sprayed Wrath with a hail of gunfire. Wrath managed to dodge most of the barrage but got nicked in the arm. Unhappy with the thug’s change of tactic, Wrath jumps at the man who fired at him, materialized his telekinetic knife and drove it into the man’s throat, who collapsed unconscious and dying from the wound.

Hearing gunfire, the thugs holding the woman in the kitchen also drew their weapons just as Scourge entered the kitchen. Before the men could utter a word of warning, Scourge let his H&K G3 do his talking, and turned the men into hamburger meat with fiery prejudice.

Grateful to the heroes for saving her life, Chunhua agreed to take them to her sister’s apartment in the Northside where Chin was hiding…



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