Champions Unleashed

The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye

Session 1

Scene 1: A Night at the Museum
Wraith and Vestige crashed a VIP party to celebrate a new exhibition at the Millennium City Museum of Antiquities when the costumed security guards opened fire indiscriminately at the guest. In the chaos, a group of Dretch Demons materialized out of thin air and began to attack the guest as well.

The heroes quickly dispatched of the villains; saving many lives in the process. Further investigation revealed that the real security guards were murdered and the attack was a diversion for the theft of a museum artifact, The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye.

The museum’s curator, Bernie Kamber, and a reluctant police detective, Steven Miller, engage Vestige and Wraith to help investigate the theft and ask them to speak to a local priest, father Altieri. As a friend of the museum, Father Altieri was allowed access to the codex for study on many occasions.

Scene 2: The Codex of the Order of the Palatine Eye
Father Altieri, an elder gentleman approaching retirement age, bald with grey hair to the sides, clean-shaven and well kept greeted Wraith and Vestige at his home. The heroes found Father Altieri to be an amateur connoisseur of the occult and kept numerous notes of his studies of the Codex. He was able to decipher a lot of the codex, written in an ancient form of Aramaic.

Altieri tells the heroes that the first half of the book detailed the Order of the Palatine Eye, a secret society that began in the late 6th century A.D. and was dedicated to the study of dark magic, mysticism and the occult. The order’s base of operations was in modern day Turkey, with members spreading throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The rise of Islam in the 7th century brought them in direct conflict with the Muslims and the order appears to have been wiped out by the end of the 7th century. The book also spoke of the order’s goal to summon a powerful entity that would deliver them from the growing threat of Islam and claimed to detail a magic ritual that would summon such a being.

Father Altieri was starting his work to decipher the ancient spell. He discovered that the ritual required the shedding of blood from a human sacrifice using a dagger supposedly made from the claw of the creature to be summoned by the spell—an ancient artifact dating back to the time of Noah, before the flood.

Wraith and Vestige returned to the museum to investigate the dagger. Using the museum’s wi-fi, Wraith searched the internet for information on the dagger and found a magazine article from nearly six years ago of a dagger made from an unidentifiable animal/creature’s claw dating back to biblical times sold at auction by the Lloyd Mercantile and Exchange Company, a prestigious auction house in the city. The dagger sold for a record $12 million to an undisclosed buyer in a hotly contested bid race. While researching the dagger, Wraith received information from detective Miller letting him know that the person responsible for the theft was a criminal, a woman named Hellfrost, tied to a global cult known as The Coven.

The following morning the duo went to Lloyd Mercantile and Exchange and met with Michael Alden, the company’s auction organizer. After some persuasion he told the heroes that he remembered the auction well. It was hotly contested by two bidders who raised the bid to $12 million. The winner of the auction was a well known collector of arcane and occult artifacts, an eccentric billionaire, Frederick Montague IV, and his rival was Ignatius Capelo. With their registered addresses in tow, Wraith contacted Detective Miller to send a police cruiser to the Montague residence while he and Vestige investigated Capelo’s address. The Capelo address was a dead end, however, so the heroes turned to the Montague residence.

Scene 3: Rescue!
As Wraith and Vestige approached the Montague’s mansion, they noticed a police cruiser parked on the driveway with two dead officers inside and then heard screams coming from inside the house. Suddenly they were attacked by men dressed like the “security” guards at the museum attack the previous night. During the quick battle, the heroes noticed a black horse with fire emitting from its feet fly away at a high rate of speed—Its rider, dressed like a medieval knight held a female captive across the saddle. Just as the heroes dispatched of their assailants, two inhuman creatures emerged from the house. One a small winged creature (Ul’aquin) and another a large minotaur beast (Taurus). A fierce battle ensued, ending with Ul’aquin and Taurus fleeing. Vestige decided to follow Taurus from above, while Wraith investigated the house.

Wraith found Frederick Montague badly injured but still conscious inside the house. Frederick told Wraith that the villains stole the dagger and kidnapped his daughter. Meanwhile, Vestige managed to shadow Taurus from above without being noticed to a mansion in the outskirts of the city. After making sure that Taurus remained in the mansion, Vestige returned to the museum to meet up with Wraith.



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